The Pygmalion Festival started out with relatively humble beginnings back in 2005 with a handful of touring and local bands, all playing in the wide array of venues that both Champaign and Urbana have to offer. Now entering our eleventh year in 2015, it’s featured hundreds of artists from around the world performing on dozens of stages around Champaign­-Urbana, playing to tens of thousands over the years.

Check out our history a bit, and you’ll see which artists and authors that have visited our fair cities over the span of a decade.

In 2015, we take yet another step forward, and implement and integrate an entire Tech component into the mix. Panelists, speakers, demonstrations, interactive opportunities and student recruitment will collide, and with the backdrop of The Pygmalion Festival to make it a helluva lot more fun than your average “conference.” Our vision is simple: we get one life to live, and we can do anything we want with it. That vision continues to be realized each year as we move the dial forward for what is possible in Champaign­-Urbana.

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