Q: Where and when is The Pygmalion Festival?
A: The Pygmalion Festival takes place in Champaign­-Urbana, Illinois. It is always the last weekend of September.

Q: Why Pygmalion? What is that?
A: In 2005, we wanted to give it a name that had some meaning to us. As it began as a music festival alone, the founder Seth Fein decided to name it after the last album that one of his favorite bands released. That album was called “Pygmalion” by the band Slowdive. That’s how it came to be.

Q: Can our band perform? Can I read from my book? I invented something, I promise — can I speak about technology?
A: If you are asking, probably not. It’s nothing against your band, or your ability as a writer, or your place within the structure of the tech sector. It’s just that after a decade, we’ve learned how to curate this thing in a particular way. We hope that makes sense. No hard feelings, cool?

Q: But I’m local to Champaign­-Urbana! Now can we participate?
A: If you are local and doing what you do well, and in a way that appeals to our sensibilities, please, by all means, send us an email! No promises, but we are ready to listen for sure.

Q: Do I have to buy a full festival pass to see the shows or hear the speakers?
A: Not at all. There are only a limited number of festival passes, and as such, we welcome attendees who want to see it all. Just the same, if you just want to see one show, you can do that too by either buying a ticket at the door, or in some cases, buying in advance. Check the Buy Tickets page to see your options.  Prices vary, and capacity limitations at all venues apply.

Q: So, if I buy a festival pass, am I guaranteed admission into every performance, reading, and panel?
A: The short answer is YES. In our decade of existence, we’ve never really had to turn many people away. But inside of the club venues, there’s a strict capacity, so if you want to see the show, get there early, because if you don’t, it’s impossible to hold a space for every single person. The outdoor shows are guaranteed. The Tech portion of the festival might be different, however. Our best advice is to simply show up early, and be patient with us.

Q: What are the age restrictions on the performances and panels?
A: Mostly, this is an all ­ages event. That includes the main outdoor shows on Saturday and Sunday in Downtown Champaign. But any performance or panel inside of a bar has age restrictions. In Champaign, you must be 19 years old to attend. In Urbana, you must be 18 years old to attend. Everyone is welcome, however, if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Q: Listen, we procreated by mistake, and now we have children. Can they come to the shows for free?
A: Well, that depends. If they are under the age of 11, the answer is absolutely YES. If they are 12 and older, it’s a full ticket price. How did we come up with that metric? It’s when we started going to shows without our parents. Middle School. It’s a helluva time.

Q: Where can I pick up my festival pass or single show tickets?
A: Great question. As each day is located in a different part of Champaign­-Urbana, the festival wristband booth will be on-­site each day. Stay tuned to your email and to our social media for specifics.

Q: Do I have to wear this damned wristband the entire time? That really sucks.
A: We agree, it totally sucks, but hey, we are wearing them too, you know? It’s really the only way to make it work. After a day, you won’t even notice it. Promise.

Q: I am coming in from out of town. Where should we stay? How do we get around? Where should we eat? Where should we party?
A: Please check the T​ravel section ​of the website, along with the F​ood & Drink section.​That is where you can find information about hotel partners with the best deals on lodging, and information on the best restaurants in town that also support the festival. We only work with hotels and restaurants that we’d stay with or eat at — that’s a promise.

Q: I’m a journalist / radio / blogger / scam artist that wants to cover the festival. How can I get press credentials?
A: Lisa Gottheil of Grandstand PR handles our publicity. She’s super nice, but really good at her job. Email her at l​isag@grandstandhq.com​ and she can help you out.

Q: I see all of these bands, and I see all of these speakers and authors, but where, exactly are they performing? And when?
A: Our schedule will come out closer to the festival. Might be August? Might be September. Hard to figure. If you do a little sleuthing on the ticketing page, you can usually put together who is performing where and when in advance of that.

Q: There’s a lot of venues and a lot of different things happening. Is there a Festival Guide and a map?
A: Yep! We publish ours each year in September. Check back at the Festival Guide section, where you will be able to download a PDF, and stick close to our social media pages for updates and changes.

Q: Oh, you are on Facebook, and Twitter, and such?
A: Yes, we are. Engage and interact with us here, here, here, and here. You know the drill.

Q: You haven’t answered my question.
A: Totally apologize about that. These FAQ things kind of suck to write. Tell you what — if you email us here: i​nfo@thepygmalionfestival.com​ — we will get back with you ASAP and give you the answer to any question you might have. Literally. Any question. Try us.

Q: Who are you?
A: Collectively, we are Seth, Patrick, Justine, Caleb, Tom, Matt, Vanessa, Isaac, Alleya, Boswell, Emily, Ward, Mike, Lydia, Jamie, Matt, and Ellis. But if you email us, you will get Seth and Patrick. Looking forward to hearing from you!