If you are coming from out of town, you will want to stay at a hotel unless you have pals here to crash with. This is not a camping festival. It takes place in the city. We have three hotel partners who are holding rooms for you at special festival rates.


Book online

WingatePlease make reservations by phone and asking for the Pygmalion rate: 1-217-355-5566


Book Online and use the code: #4395

Please make sure to be sure that you are arranging for the Pygmalion Rate, otherwise, you will not receive the discounted room. If there is any trouble, simply contact the hotel and they will take care of you.

In addition, we’d encourage you to do some internet sleuthing about our community. We think you will find that this little city of two towns and one suburb (Savoy) is filled with all sorts of odd characteristics and intense historical artifacts.

Visit the Champaign County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau website for a wealth of information about the community and its history.

Like, did you know that you are currently using a web browser to read this? That was developed here. And that screen you are looking at? It’s most likely an LED. That was developed here as well. The music you are listening to? It’s more than likely been worked over by a computer in some way. Well, the first piece of music to be developed through computation — yes, developed here as well.

Keep seeking out info, and you will find more and more.

Beyond that, we have all sorts of wonderful restaurants, bars, and attractions to check out as well. We suggest you visit Smile Politely, our online daily, where you can find all sorts of interesting stories and reviews about C-U.

We’re glad you’ve decided to join us in 2014.

Any other questions: info@thepygmalionfestival.com